Communities in Scotland have equal access, understanding and interaction opportunities in the Scottish society. The power of communication enables them to embrace their civic responsibilities and display pride in their heritage and their local community.


We will continue to develop the public service interpreting and translation service, maintaining high standards, improving representation to the decision makers at the public, private and third sector, as to give voice to those who do not have ready access and understanding of structures and processes in society. We will assist all those individuals who need our service to gain access to the institutions of society and invest any profits back into raising awareness and pro-actively tackling inequalities and discrimination.


Tailormade customer service – We care and listen to our customers’ needs and specifications and can say with pride that we have a very good and long standing relationship with many of our clients.

Ongoing relationship with our interpreters – We care and listen to our interpreters’ and translators’ needs and experiences they share with us. We will always strive to provide an ongoing support in the work they do and create wider opportunities for them to broaden their skills and careers.

Code of Professional Conduct – We carefully and conscientiously recruit, train and support our interpreters and translators and expect of them the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Quality assurance – We closely monitor our performance, collate and analyse feedback, produce and adhere to recommendations and reviews in order to maintain and improve good relationships with clients and interpreters and enrich the service on offer.